Wings India Radio Controlled Model Club was established in 2004. It has been incorporated as a registered association 'To further, and provide facilities for, the enjoyment of the sport of Aeromodelling and other associated activities, and to promote, protect, organize and encourage in every way, the flying and development of model aircraft'. The broad objective of the club is, To congregate a group of like minded people and form a body who would be interested in the promotion of the hobby of Aeromodelling .
I) Short Terms:
  • To facilitate the existing member hobbyist to pursue their activities.
  • To ensure safety of flyers and third parties.
  • To introduce a code of discipline amongst the faculty members conducive to better quality of flying.
  • To identify ways and means by which all members can benefit and enjoy better value for money in furthering of their hobby.
II) Long Terms:
  • To promote the growth of the sport and hobby of model flying and other associated R/C activities.
  • To organize events and such other programs which might earn cognizance, acceptability and respect at the national and international level of the body corporate.
  • To encourage and establish a suitable platform for training of aspiring enthusiasts.
  • To sponsor suitable candidates to participate on national level in international competitive environments.
  • To promote universal fellowship in the faculty of aeromodelling.
Since its inception, the Club has grown to a membership of over 50 with all kinds of model aircraft represented. Radio controlled (R/C) sport, aerobatic, pattern, civilian and military scale can be seen at the flying field most weekends. Occasionally R/C gliders, pylon racers and helicopters also put in an appearance. Electric flight is the fastest growing area in aeromodelling today and electric powered models can be seen most weekends.
Flying Field

The Club's main activity is flying of model aircrafts. We currently have two flying fields. One is located in the in the city of Mumbai, known as Race course RWITC and the other is in the suburbs at Madh Island, Malad. Both the fields are easily accessible from any part of Mumbai City. A separate page has full details about our Flying Field .

Neither of the two flying feilds belong to the club and as such, the flying activity is subject to permission from the local authorities at any given time. However, the club assists in co-ordinating flying facilities at these sites in respect of camaraderie between its members. Membership of the club does not constitute any obligation on part of the club to its members of providing unrestricted access to such places.

Managing Committee Member
Mr. Umesh Kumar More - Chairman Mr. Ajay Podar - Member
Mr. Puneet Manaktala - Treasurer Mr. Ravi Kothari - Member
Mr. George Jacob - Secratary Mr. Raju Pradhan - Member
Mr. Dosu Bhiwandiwalla - Member Mr. Nishant Garodia - Member
Mr. Feroz Soonawala - Member Mr. Nandan Chandravarkar - Member

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Annual Events
Wings India has been the principle organizer of National and International Aeromodelling events in India since 2005. These events have fast evolved into a major hub of Aeromodelling Hobby in the Indian subcontinent, with participants from all over the world. For the last three years, the annual events are being held at the Aamby Valley City, primarily in view of the excellent facilities available, as also the support and sponsorship extended by them, to the organizers
Visitors and New Members.
Visitors and new members are always welcome ; drop in and see us at the flying field. For information about joining the club please read our FAQ ' How do I join the Club ?' If you're interested in aeromodelling and not sure where to start, read our FAQ ' What do I need to know before I start flying model aircraft? '.
Contact us
Visit us at the Club's Flying Field on a Saturday or Sunday morning (in good flying weather). For details about how to get to the field see the FAQ ' Where is the Club's Flying Field and how do I get there ? '.
For any further assistance - Please e-mail at
Or snail mail to Wings India R/C Model Flyers Club, Growel House, Akurli Road, Kandivli (East), Mumbai 400 101, India.
Committee Meetings
The Wings India Management Committee meets every six month to handle the administration of the Club.




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